– One of the most treasured members of the family immortalised. Great gift for the family.

Pets..pets…pets, doesn’t matter, big or small, long or short, we draw them all.  Cat, canary, dog, pig, you name it.
 Just drop us a close up photograph and we’ll draw it for you.  YGreat Memento.
 From cartoon style to realistic fine art style, it’s your choice and prices do vary.

ANDY THOMAS – loves sitting outside the verterinary clinic and is NOT afraid of dogs!

Cat 3

KANGAROO – “Realistic” illustration digitally coloured by Rachel Intern from Holland

kanga 1
kanga 2

DOGS – Quick style – not as detailed

dog 1
dog 2
dog 3
Doonside - March 8, 2015: Woof Fest, Bungarribee Park, Doonside (image courtesy Woof Fest)

DOGS – Hand-illustrated “realistic” dog caricatures with detail

realistic dog 1
realistic dog 2
realistic dog 3
realistic dog 4
dog 4-01
dog 5

CAT – Detailed cat sketch showing markings

realistic cat 1
realistic cat 2

MIDNIGHT – Eye turns red when “angry”

Cat 1
Cat 2