Graeme Biddle – Sydney Caricaturist

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Corporate & Social Functions

Graeme Biddle is the perfect on-the-spot Caricaturist/Entertainer for your party. He is the “ice breaker”, no matter what the occasion – be it Corporate or Social, he brings loads of energy and humour to any event he attends. Give your staff or guests something to remember; a souvenir of the occasion that they can take home and remember for a long time afterwards. Weddings, Anniversaries, 21st Birthdays, Christmas parties, etc.

Business Logos & Branding

Caricatures or Characters can be incorporated into company logos. They give a personal and visual connection and convey the use and function of the company by providing an identifiable image. They should fit the image the business wants to convey to its target audience. Make your logo an eye-stopper and speak to Graeme about having your personal caricature or specific object incorporated into your logo.

Personalised Caricatures

Caricatures make ideal gifts and have many uses. Wedding Invitations, Wedding guests sign in poster, birthday cards, anniversaries, 21st birthday gifts, labels on wine bottles, puzzles, maps and e-mail signatures, are just some of the few. Caricatures can be drawn from photographs and then digitalised. Check out our celebrity caricatures as well. Does your friend have a favourite celebrity? Let us draw them together.

Festivals & Trade Shows

“I’ve been everywhere man”, are the words Graeme will one day be able to sing as he travels all around Australia attending Festivals and Events. From Medieval Festivals to Thomas the Tank Engine (Day out with Thomas), Graeme has drawn thousands of people from all walks of life…and he has loads of fun along the way. Check which Festival he will be attending next by clicking on the Facebook symbol.